Welcome to The Next Phase. My primary interest is in Astrology and the name refers to the next Moon phase, the Moon has a great influence on all people and creatures here on Earth and indeed the Universe. We tend to notice the Moon when it is full or just a slither as it emerges or moves behind the Sun. The Moon’s cycle is used in secondary progression Astrology in a dynamic way, to illuminate our pathway to success. The Moon’s phase tells us where we are now and the next phase shows where we are headed; this is useful information if you intend to start something new or in need of direction if you feel your creative flow has been stemmed.

It is my intention to use several disciplines to show how my life has been transformed and continues to change as I move into the next phase of my life.  My blog will reflect the Astrological clock and the other sacred arts, sharing some of my research with you, so I hope the pages will delight, inspire and connect with you in some way.