Sun in Scorpio

The Sun enters Scorpio at 1:19 am on 24 October 2019; this is a water sign. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto as named in Roman mythology, but before Pluto was discovered in 1930, its rulership lay in Mars, the God of War. The Greek myth of Hades and the abduction of Persephone who was then taken into the Underworld to rule with him, shows that a balance is restored in the Underworld, the pure masculine energy of Hades’ world is transformed when Persephone is taken as his bride. Persephone returns each year to the earth and her mother Ceres, to ensure plants, flowers and crops grow providing food for humankind.

It is through inner transformation that we discover wisdom and Scorpio is consequently a sign of wisdom. The planet Mercury is currently in the sign of Scorpio and he is associated with Pluto and as the Psychopomp he guided souls on their journey into the Underworld; so there is much to learn about ourselves and others through our inner visions.

The constellation of Scorpio can be seen in the night sky in the southern hemisphere at the moment, the constellation Serpens is intertwined with Scorpio which may be why many astrologers associate Scorpio with a snake as well as a scorpion (an eagle too, but this was Zeus’ bird, Zeus was the brother of Hades and Poseidon). Serpents in ancient Greece were revered because they were said to hold the secrets of life, death and rebirth. The gift of prophecy is also linked to Serpent Wisdom, as in Delphi, the central place of the oracle. Cassandra was abandoned as a child and was found among snakes who appeared to be licking her ears, she was gifted with prophetic visions. So, although we might think that as Scorpio is ruled by Pluto the sign is masculine, it is in fact ruled by feminine energies. 

Above Scorpio is another constellation called Ophiuchus and regarded by some as the thirteenth astrology sign, but because this constellation was slightly off the ecliptic when the zodiac we now use was formed, it was not included. Importantly we often see the giant Ophiuchus wrestling with a serpent, the holder of the serpent is Asclepius, who was known for his extraordinary healing gifts and able to bring the dead back to life.

The next month or so with the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, we may feel the need to probe the deep, dark secrets of our own consciousness to understand the journey of our soul.

Full Moon in Aries

The next Full Moon occurs at 5:06am (AWST) on 14 October 2019. This Moon will be in the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars. The Full Moon is a time to reflect upon the previous two weeks, to assess goals and desires, so this is a good time to put those plans into action, if you haven’t already done so. The Aries Moon is intuitive so do not think too much about the inspirational ideas you may receive, act on impulse.

A good time to cleanse crystals and gems, place them out in the moonlight.

Mars in Libra

Mars will ingress into the cardinal, air sign of Libra at 1 pm (AWST), on 4 October 2019. Mars here opposes its own sign Aries and the independent war loving Ares dislikes entanglement, preferring an independent life, free of long-term relationships. However modern Ares here is likely to demand equality: sexually and in the workplace.

So, expect a few sparks to fly in the next month or so, assertion rather than aggression is the key; welcome motivation to start and finish those projects and enjoy the adventure, allow Ares to take you on journeys of discovery.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury moves into the water sign of Scorpio at 4:30pm (AWST) on 3 October 2019. In the body, Mercury rules the nervous system and the lungs. Breath is an integral part of Mercury’s process, if prana or breath is the link to the life force, then Mercury’s relationship to the Sun is integral to how well one expresses will and purpose. Mercury who is known for speed of thought is likely to sense or feel rather than think in this sign, tending to dig deep to find answers and only willing to express those feelings when absolutely sure of the findings.

Mercury known as Hermes in Greek mythology was the psychopomp, the conductor of souls between this world and the next. Hades was Lord of the Underworld and welcomed Hermes, so here Mercury although not ruling the sign of Scorpio (Pluto does) is associated with it on a different level.

Expect deep and meaningful conversations, discussion of taboo subjects and unearthing of new, innovative discoveries.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus ingresses into the sign of Scorpio on 3 October, 2019. As the brightest and most brilliant of all planets Venus was named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty; she was known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology and referred to as the ‘Great Goddess.’

Venus in an astrological chart can be soft, loving as well as stormy and turbulent. Venus symbolises our personal magnetism and how we draw to ourselves what we love and value. Venus in Scorpio has plenty of charismatic and magnetic energy; here she is sultry, sexy, sensuous and a little devious at times. She is also keen to dig deep to understand motives and mischief.  Care, the sting may be quick and penetrating.

Dress the part this month is sensual, sultry clothes, deep red and/or black

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon occurs at 2:26 am (AWST) on 29 September 2019. The Sun and Moon are the two brightest and most prominent astronomical objects in the sky that surrounds us; at the time of the New Moon phase there is an alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth, we do not see any of the Moon’s reflected light. Astrologically this is a wonderful time to plant new seeds of creativity for the month ahead.

This Moon is in the cardinal air sign of Libra, ruled by the Goddess of love Venus, so time to ponder upon love and relationships in its many forms, how you love others, how they love us, how we love ourselves and how we could love a little more. Plan to be kind to others but especially to yourself, good food, gentle exercise and a little pampering, or a lot!

New Moon is the beginning of the lunation cycle so a very good time to plan and as this Moon in Libra is very social then time to dust of your diary and fill it with good things to do, networking for business and potential partners, parties and catchups with friends.

Sun in Libra

The Sun will ingress into the sign of Libra, the cardinal air sign at 3:50 pm (ASWT) on 23 September 2019. Libra is ruled by Venus the Goddess of love; she was also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology. Aphrodite had a son named Eros, he had the task of shooting mortals with his magic arrow of love. Aphrodite heard there was a woman named Psyche who was far lovelier than her, she asked Eros to remove this perceived threat. Eros found Psyche chained to a rock, she was blindfolded, he then accidentally shot himself in the foot with his own arrow; when he looked at Psyche again, he instantly fell in love with her. He untied Psyche and carried her away; he cared for her but demanded that when they were together she would not remove the blindfold, thus keeping the secret of his identity.

Psyche’s sisters came to visit her and persuaded her to see who this wonderful lover was, she reluctantly agreed. When she saw Eros he immediately fled and Psyche was left to mourn for her love; she prayed to Aphrodite to return Eros to her. Eventually Aphrodite agreed however Psyche was given many asks to perform, with the help of the animal kingdom she successfully accomplished them all and Aphrodite was forced to return Eros to her.

Libra in a traditional chart rules the seven house of relationships and the trials of both Eros and Psyche reflect the challenges faced in any relationships, the trials and errors, the hardships and challenges; if the relationship is strong then difficulties are overcome. Eros and Psyche when reunited were of equal standing and this is the challenge of Libra, to be part of a relationship but to be independent within it too, this is freedom.

So, the Sun in Libra is joyful, loving and relationship orientated, the Sun joins Mercury and Venus who has been in her own sign for a week or so, and of course loves to be sensually dressed, colours and coordinates matching, so pull out those beautiful bright elegant clothes, wear them with style and love your body, yourself and others.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury the God of communication and healing moves into the sign of Libra at 3:10pm (AWST) on 14 September 2019. Heavily influenced by the charismatic and subtle loving vibes of Venus, Mercury here will be loving, attuned to needs, those of self and others and listening in to dreams and desires. Need some help writing love letters? Ask Mercury, or Venus as she will be joining him, in her own sign of Libra, this evening.

Mercury is fleet of foot, seen by the wings on his helmet and feet, gifts given to him by the great God Zeus. So, in Libra an air element, be careful what you wish for!

Venus in Libra

Venus moves into the cardinal air sign of Libra at 9:55 pm (AWST) on 14 September 2019. Venus is at home in this sign, so naturally diplomatic, tactful, bent on creating and keeping good relationships. She moves gently into Libra with Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods.

The planet Venus is known as the morning or evening star; she returned as the evening star in August. Venus is the brightest planet and is only outshone when the Moon is at her best. Venus’ shroud of yellow-white cloud reflects light more effectively than the dust covered surface of the Moon; Venus reflects approximately 80% of Sunlight, whereas the Moon reflects 8%. Her skies block light but traps heat, and bears down on her surface with heavy pressure, so a harsh environment.

Venus is known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology, they celebrated her beauty, her divinity and her womanliness. Much has been written about her by poets and she is illustrated in other works of art; Venus is seen in three of Vincent Van Gogh paintings: Starry Night of June 1889, here he depicts her as the bright orb low to the east of the village of Saint Rémy. She is also seen in Road with Cypress and Star, completed in May 1890 and inside a scintillating halo, hovering above the west chimney of White House at Night.  

So, time to socialise and visiting your wardrobe (in the daylight) is a must, dust off those glad rags. Beautiful, cleverly coordinated clothes and accessories for the next month or so.

Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon occurs at 12:35pm (AWST) on 14 September 2019; a great time for a meditation. The Moon is in the watery sign of Pisces, and is in close aspect to its ruler Neptune, who in Greek mythology was God of the sea.  We never know what to expect: clear calm mirrored water or the turbulent and often volatile force of the waves. Neptune was known for throwing storm clouds and nets of entanglement onto his victims to temporarily confuse them and make them lose their way. This is often how our dreams pan out too, luckily, we wake before getting too lost, so be aware that dreams in the next few days with the Pisces Full Moon may be mysterious, obscure and prophetic.  It is a good time to listen to your dreams, take note and tap into your intuition, all this information although somewhat blurry, may assist you in some way in the coming month.

Take care in absorbing negative energy, this Moon is rather sponge like, soaking up everything in the environment, so self-awareness is crucial otherwise you will carry everyone else’s burdens too. Yet the Pisces Moon has a wonderful healing energy both to give and receive.  

The Full Moon is a good time to assess plans you may have made on the New Moon a few weeks ago, allowing you the luxury of making changes if need be. Great time to put those crystals and gems out for clearing and cleansing.